WPRO: Repainted, the symbolic Rocky Point ‘arch’ is unveiled

WPRO: Repainted, the symbolic Rocky Point ‘arch’ is unveiled

By Steve Klamkin WPRO News

The newly repainted arch at Rocky Point in Warwick was unveiled in a public ceremony Monday, with speeches by public officials that sparked memories of the long-gone amusement park.

“You think of things like the Shore Dinner Hall and the chowder and the clam cakes that you could get here. I could almost taste them almost,” said Congressman Jim Langevin. “So many fond, fond memories.”

The arch, one of 11 displayed at the New York City World’s Fair of 1964-65 made its way to Warwick by unknown means, said Mayor Scott Avedisian.

“The arch, originally created by General Mills, the cereal company, was one of 11 originals that represented peace through understanding, and stood as markers during New York’s World’s Fair,” said Avedisian.

Long rusted and unused during the years that Rocky Point stood abandoned, the arch was repainted by a city employee. The cost was covered by more than $5,000 in grant money from the Rhode Island Foundation, in a project overseen by the non-profit Rocky Point Foundation, headed by newspaper publisher John Howell.

“The arch really fit very well at the time with an amusement park, and here it comes sort of full circle, and now is representing not only a place, hopefully of peace, but a bright future … for future generations to enjoy this place,” Howell said.