WJAR: Southern New England agencies feel effects of partial government shutdown

WJAR: Southern New England agencies feel effects of partial government shutdown

By Sam Read, NBC10 News

PROVIDENCE, R.I.– There’s been limited progress in Washington, D.C. when it comes to that partial government shutdown.

Jim Langevin, a Democrat and U.S. Representative for Rhode Island’s 2nd congressional district, told NBC 10 News the partial shutdown shouldn’t have happened.

“We had a compromise worked out that would have funded the government going forward until February,” said Langevin.

“President Trump did a turn around after a deal had been worked out,” said Langevin. “And he’s insisting there be 5 billion dollars in there for a boarder wall.”

Langevin said the proposed compromised bill between Democrats and Republicans included additional money to for border patrol.

“There were funds in the original compromise to make sure there were stronger border security measures the President has an artificial campaign promise that he feels the need to be tough on now,” said Langevin.

Funds for several federal departments and smaller agencies have now run out and people are out of work.

Roger Williams National Memorial is one place that’s been forced to close because of the partial shutdown.

The notice of the closure can be heard on its voicemail and its Facebook page.

“As a native Rhode Islander government service member myself it’s sad to see,” said Brandon Pearson. “I think it’s unfortunate this is my first time visiting here and I actually had no idea that was occurring.”

The partial shutdown won’t hinder holiday plans too much.

The United States Postal Service and airports are still open, there are several places that are not.

“I’m deeply concerned that there are approximately 800,000 people that are technically not working right now,not getting a paycheck right now right before Christmas,” said Langevin.

Rhode Island departments of both Health and Human services posted on social media they are not affected by the partial shutdown at this time.

Food banks that receive commodities from the USDA could be affected.

The following departments are affected by the partial shutdown:

  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Justice Department
  • State Department
  • Treasury Department (including IRS)
  • Interior Department
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development