Langevin Thanks Primary Voters for Support

I am honored and incredibly grateful to the Democratic voters of the Second District for their support. I cannot thank them enough. It’s their support that keeps me going and their experiences that inspire me to continue my journey in public service. I have long said that I do not see my position as a birthright – I am merely a steward of a seat that belongs to the people of Rhode Island, and I will keep working hard every single day to represent Rhode Islanders to the very best of my ability. I also want to thank my primary opponents, John Hamilton and Steve Archer. I am encouraged to see more people interested in getting involved in our democracy, and I congratulate them on their respective campaigns.

I am more passionate and enthusiastic about serving Rhode Island than ever before, and this victory will reinvigorate me as I work hard for every vote in the General Election. I take nothing for granted, and I will be campaigning vigorously over the next 56 days. I look forward to knocking on doors and meeting with more voters in the weeks to come to lay out my accomplishments and share my hopes for a brighter future for our state and our nation.