RIPR: RI Congressional Delegation Slams Most Of President Trump’s Budget Proposal

RIPR: RI Congressional Delegation Slams Most Of President Trump’s Budget Proposal

By Ximena Conde

After President Trump released his proposed budget, Rhode Island’s congressional delegation was quick to denounce various cuts that would affect the state.

Congressman David Cicilline called cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget reckless. Cicilline said programs like WIC, which feeds low-income pregnant women and Meals on Wheels were taking huge cuts to fund a border wall.

Congressman Jim Langevin said the proposed budget cuts would bring insecurity to everyday Americans citing plans to pull resources from work training initiatives and affordable housing programs. Langevin expressed support for the president’s plans to boost defense spending but raised concerns over cuts to State Department funding.

In a statement, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse echoed the sentiment that Trump’s budget would hurt the working class.

“This proposal would gut programs that support jobs, education, and public health for all Americans, while handing out favors to the wealthy and big corporations,” said White House.

The senator said the proposal was “chock full of terrible ideas.”

Sen. Jack Reed criticized the president for failing to outline a concrete plan for economic growth.

Reed called out the president for not following through on his promise to invest $1 trillion in the country’s infrastructure.

“In fact, his budget blueprint for the U.S. Department of Transportation is proposing a 13% reduction in discretionary spending from the fiscal year 2016 enacted level,” said Reed in a statement.

Later Thursday afternoon, Reed spoke against proposals that would eliminate funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, and Institute of Museum and Library Services.