ABC6: Study: RI could lose 12,000 jobs if Obamacare repealed

ABC6: Study: RI could lose 12,000 jobs if Obamacare repealed

By Samantha Fenlon

Rhode Island’s Congressional Delegation is fighting hard against Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare.

“I’m going to fight with everything I have to make sure that I speak specifically against that repeal and ultimately I’m going to vote no,” said Congressman Jim Langevin.

Congressman Langevin cites a new report that finds the state stands to lose some 12,000 jobs in 2019 if the repeal happens.

“It will come potentially from the construction sector, the real estate sector, the retail sales sector,” said Congressman Langevin. “And, most especially a third of it will come from the health care direct related jobs in Rhode Island.”

With President Elect Trump pushing Congress to act quickly Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters Tuesday he will aim to repeal and replace Obamacare at the same time.

“This is about people’s lives we need to act before things get worse. Remember this is a rescue mission. We are in the midst of a rescue mission to save the families who are getting caught up in the death spiral that has become Obamacare,” said Speaker Ryan.

Senator Jack Reed spoke out about the repeal of the Affordable Care Act on the Senate floor earlier this week.

“Rhode Island in another aspect of this stands to lose over 7 billion dollars in federal funding over the next 10 years with repeal. Again, that is a staggering number for my state,” said Senator Reed.

The Senator says that loss of money would have a catastrophic effect for the state.

“That would be devastating for the state because they would have to step up as best they could and frankly they don’t have the kind of resources to replace that loss,” said Senator Reed.

Massachusetts lawmakers also taking a stand, Senators Warren and Markey are planning a rally in boston this weekend to fight to preserve the Affordable Care Act.